Groundhog Day for the ITC Football Team

Groundhog Day for the ITC Football Team

September 20, 2017

We participated in the ReachOut Cup and for the second year running, we were beaten finalists. Despite our resident keeper letting us down at the last minute (Stuart, you will NEVER be forgiven!) we breezed through the opening group stage and knock out rounds and once again, made it to the final.

With the Champions League music still ringing in our ears, victory was within our grasp but with just 30 seconds to go, our Customer Service Team Manager Greg (we like to name and shame!) conceded a ‘dubious’ penalty. The match went straight to the dreaded penalty shootout and we were narrowly defeated 7-6 (and the opposition didn’t even have any Germans in their team). We’re not sore, honest! Third time lucky?

ReachOut is a fabulous local charity who do awesome work with children from disadvantaged communities, more information can be found at

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